This web service answers users' requests by extracting information from IndieWeb-enabled websites and presenting it in particular way. It does not store any information other than caching response data to facilitate quicker responses; all the information about various websites presented by this service is hosted on the said websites in a publicly-available manner; this web service serves as a proxy between those websites and the end-user. This web service claims no rights and holds no responsibilities concerning the information provided by the said websites.

This web service is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. Please use the link in the previous sentence to learn about Digital Ocean's privacy policy and the way they store and use your data. The author of this web service only gets access logs stored for a limited amount of time (less than a week), and uses this information only to debug and improve this web service.

This web service is still being developed. It will probably change and hopefully do more things in the future. However, the general concept will remain the same privacy-wise: the service stores as little personal data as technologically feasible, and provides no data other than publicly available already.

The source code of this web service is open and publicly available. The service is set up to automatically deploy from the master branch.

API returns a JSON containing some information found in the representative h-card on the page referenced by URL (if indeed there is a representative h-card). returns the file referenced in the u-photo property of the abovementioned h-card. returns a JSON containing some information about the page referenced by URL. returns a JSON containing some (currently very minimal) information from the OpenGraph metadata that the page referenced by URL contains.


This web service is a hobby project by Evgeny "nekr0z" Kuznetsov.